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Connie math EduGame 1st grade

5.11 usd

The next generation of educational game apps for children: Connie Math Learning Game for firstgraders. Together with Connie learning Arithmetic through play - One school year, one school subject, one app - developed with pedagogical support.
Connie Apps are the most successful educational Apps for kids! Now, even more extensive and mirroring the school curriculum including tasks for excersicing counting, adding and subtracting numbers.As they are closely matched to the curriculum for primary school, with this App you can learn all the important calculation operations for first grade. This makes learning with Connie a lot of fun!
What is special about this innovative learning game App?
- Comprehensive: NINE learning areas that are gradually unlocked.
- Motivating: With a three stage reward system that encourages progress with regular practice through functions like:
o Owl Badges: A learning area that rewards completion without errors o Bee Badges: A study area completed successfully after three different days o Hare Badges: A study area for the particularly fast
- Sustainable: Task models and various levels of difficulty take learning progress into account and enable continuous practice throughout the first school year.
Learning areas:
- From sneezing Dragon Merlin gets red dots. They only disappear when you count them by typing in the correct number. If an error occurs the numbers appear on the points and Connie counts them out loud.
Number Sequences
In the treasury of the Knights Castle a treasure pile grows. Since the treasurer is very neat and organized he has numbered and assigned everything. The chests can only be opened in the correct order.
Compare numbers
Mice Felix wants to visit his girlfriend Amelie. Unfortunately some battlements are missing on the way to his damsel. To help the two castle mice, the correct character is pushed through a hole in the wall between the numbers (bigger, smaller or equal).
Plus Tasks (Addition)
The King and Queen gather all their crowns on a shelf. In this study area the various crowns must be added up.
Decomposing numbers
With the help of two guns one can practice the disassembly of numbers. In this exercise the guns must be loaded so that the two figures give the value of large numbers on the balls when they are put together.
Minus Tasks (Subtraction)
The Specter ‘Gundolf’ can disappear the knight’s helmets on the shelf at the ‘witching hour’. The transparent helmets must be subtracted in order to solve the task.
Exchange Tasks
The inhabitants of the two castle towers have swapped their clothes during washing day. To complete this task the selected items must be matched, exchanged and then calculated.
Reversal Tasks
First you have to find the corresponding task pairs of bats like in a memory game. Then the reversal task is calculated.
Ten Transitions
In this study area you practice number transition. Here, a sum or a subtraction is first broken up until ten. The rest of the task is then calculated in a second step.
Settings: For learning difficulties, the range is adjustable i.e.
o Number Spacing o Arithmetic o Difficulty of tasks